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Are You Ready for a “Mindset Make-Over”?

Here’s a scenario I see playing out over and over: an expert is passionate about teaching others how to do something by teaching a “how-to” skill (a type of learning which educational researcher and theorist Robert M. Gagné calls “intellectual skills”).But it soon becomes apparent that before people can learn how to perform this new

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Teaching changes the world. Are you ready for what that means?

 In my book, Course Design Formula: How to Teach Anything to Anyone Online, I talk about the difference between really teaching someone something, and simply exposing them to information.Real teaching changes the world because it produces transformation. When you set out to create an online course, the first thing to determine is the IMPACT your course

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Gratitude, Fulfillment, and Ease

As you reflect on the past year, with its unprecedented challenges, and think ahead to 2021, it can be helpful to adopt a practice created many years ago by Chris Brogan, which he calls “#My3Words”. I adopted this practice last year for the first time, and it worked! My three words for 2020 were:ProsperityServiceJoy Despite the surrounding

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Reduce cognitive load to make your course more scalable

 As our forced global experiment in online learning is showing, it’s more challenging to create online learning, and more challenging to learn from it, than is the case with classroom-based learning. But…why? The reason is that the online learning interface adds cognitive load to the learning experience. But again… WHY??? Two factors that add cognitive load to online learning are

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Thankfulness through the lens of learning

 Learning means adapting our behavior in ways that promote survival. This past year has been a massive, forced, global learning experience of the most profound, and often heart-wrenching kind. Our literal survival on a personal and societal level has been and continues to be at stake. It’s amazing that in the swirling maelstrom of chaos we’ve all been

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Bridging the Digital Divide

 A funny thing happened on my way to the Learn and Get Smarter Community meeting last Saturday: the electricity in my neighborhood went out. Suddenly, instead of logging into the Zoom meeting ahead of time to to be graciously ready to greet the group, I found myself frantically scrambling to log in on my phone. Logging in

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