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Getting the Support You Need

 Looking at your life as a whole, as an educator and entrepreneur…. where is your zone of genius?  And what areas of your life and work need strengthening to support that?  What areas of life feel unbalanced for you now, especially in light of the restrictions and changes imposed by the pandemic?  And, most interestingly, how has

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Turning Points

 For the past six months, almost since the pandemic began, a dedicated group of Learn and Get Smarter community members have met every Saturday for two hours or more, to discuss how to survive and thrive during these unprecedented times.We shared our personal reflections and professional expertise to gain deeper insight into what works when

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Technology and People

When you teach in a physical classroom, workshop, or lecture space, you are a person interacting directly with other people, in real time.When you teach in an online format, you are a person interacting with other people (either in real time or not) by means of digital media.The word “media” is the Latin plural form

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Finding Our Purpose

Teaching, at its highest and best, is a soul-focused activity.To teach effectively is to use your mind to help someone else move their mind from a less conscious point to a more conscious point along a particular path.To teach effectively online we need to fashion forms, learning objects, and materials, that are capable of transmitting

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Innovation vs. Stagnation

A characteristic that is shared by many members of the Learn and Get Smarter community is that we are ahead-of-the-times, outside-the-box thinkers… what is referred to in the book Play Bigger as “category kings” (or what I also refer to as “category queens”).  In other words, we are creative experts and entrepreneurs who have come up

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Dealing with resistance

In last week’s blog post, I wrote about the point that occurs about module 3 and 4 of many online courses, where the learner needs to start to actually apply the new material being taught. At that point in the course, far too often, learners find actually applying the teaching too difficult, and just drop

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Ensuring Learner Success

How can you ensure learner success in your online course? Just as in a physical classroom, there is no 100% guaranteed way to be SURE that EVERYONE who signs up for an online course, will complete everything in it and get optimal results.   Some of that depends on the learner: their motivation, persistence, level of engagement,

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Teaching in Alignment

There are two types of alignment that are important to consider in setting up your online course and the business that supports it.  It’s critical to be aligned “vertically”, with our higher purpose…our mission, vision, values, and purpose for teaching online.And it’s also critical to be aligned “horizontally”, with our ideal customers… the people we are

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Applying systems thinking to your course and business

At the Learn and Get Smarter community meeting on Saturday, July 4th, 2020 we learned from community member Rob Ruder about information systems as they relate to systems thinking in general, and online course creation in particular. Rob is the owner of IDIC Designs and an Adjunct Faculty Member in Gonzaga University’s School of Business

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How does your course help others?

As educators, we are here to help people learn and grow. As entrepreneurs, we are here to provide products and services that solve problems and meet needs. In a recent blog post, I shared a parable about long forks, in which people feeding each other across the table provided a metaphor for creating a heavenly experience. It

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Who are you here to serve?

In honor of Father’s Day, which just passed, I’d like to send a note of appreciation to all members of the Learn and Get Smarter community who are Dads. Fathers are powerful teachers, not only in their own children’s lives but for the community as a whole, and I’d like to share some wisdom that I

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Online education as an antidote to racism

How does the mission of your business address racism?   What can each of us do as online educators, to address this systemic problem? At the Learn and Get Smarter community meeting on Saturday, June 6th, in the midst of one of the most tumultuous weeks in American history, we took a hard look at our businesses

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Lean Forward

How do you deal with an unprecedented situation for which you have no pre-existing mental frameworks… no appropriate prior knowledge?That’s the challenge our entire planet has been facing for the past several months.How are YOU facing it? How are you holding up?If you’re like most of us, you may have been finding this time incredibly

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