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A  highly  readable, expert guide to making your course stand out

Grow your skills

Take your classroom and presentation skills to the next level.  Share your expertise globally.

Increase your efficiency

Save time, energy and resources by designing your course correctly. Take the guesswork out of creating your online course.

Make your course shine

Make sure your students are getting the most from your  instruction. Become an online teacher who truly changes lives.

In the Book, You Will Discover:

What works in online course design.. and WHY 

Learn how to turn your professional knowledge and personal wisdom into a resource you can share globally,  while augmenting your income. Make your course shine by using best practices for outstanding online instructional design.

How to design any course you want..in detail

I'm not handing you a fish. I'm not teaching you how to fish. I'm providing you with a guide to the entire ocean, and an in-depth understanding of how to catch any kind of fish you want. Ever.

How to minimize frustration--for your students, and yourself

You will learn how to analyze, structure, and plan out your course in detail, before you even start creating it online. You'll save time, energy and resources as you plan out your course the most effective and efficient way.​​

How to maximize student learning and  satisfaction with your course

You'll gain a deep understanding of what it takes for someone to learn the type of material you are teaching. You will be guided step by step to set up your course the right way...so your students gain the learning they came for, and go away happy.

About the Author

Rebecca Cuevas

Founder and CEO