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My “Tinkerbell” moment… and yours

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As creative experts and solopreneurs, facing challenges is part of what we do. If we didn't love facing challenges, and do so willingly... and if we weren't at least somewhat good at coming up with solutions to those challenges.. we wouldn't be entrepreneurs.

That said, there's a limit to the coping skills, time, energy, and resources that any individual or business has... and when that limit is reached, a deeper level of resourcefulness is needed than ever before. 

My premise in this blog post is that we have reached that moment now. I'm calling it a "Tinkerbell" moment... when your own level of belief in the importance of what you're here to do, and your clients' and customers' commitment to supporting your business endeavor, are critical to the well-being and survival of your enterprise.

Rainbow reflected human hands
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Business experts and CEO's of large corporations, 

reflecting on the first quarter of 2022 and its implications for the year ahead, seem to agree on one thing:

 there is continuing volatility and unpredictability in store for all of us.

We in the online course space are in a very fortunate position, compared to many industries.

Let's count our blessings:

  • The pandemic has been GOOD for the online course industry 
  • We are able to do our work in safety and from home
  • Conditions of uncertainty require that people learn new things.. and that's where we can help

That said, I'm seeing signs of financial and emotional stress out there (and in here, too) that are starting to take a toll, even on us.

The conditions of prolonged, unrelenting, and continually worsening stress that have been impacting the world for the past several years have energized and inspired us to grow, to get creative, to found our businesses.

 But these same conditions, especially as they continue to get worse, and worse... and worse...may also be wearing you, me, and our clients and customers, out.

Since about last November, it's been harder for people to make and follow through on financial commitments... and this becomes a vicious circle.

If your OWN suppliers are charging you more, due to supply chain issues. .. and your OWN customers are able to pay you less, or less reliably, or in smaller numbers, due to the stresses THEY face... and if inflation starts making all this worse... a downward spiral can start to set in.

Can you relate? Have you faced this? How can we best cope?

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The MOST important thing we can do at a time like this, is to take good care of ourselves first. 

This  really IS a "put your own oxygen mask on first" moment.

To help you do that, I've created a "Mindset Reset" workbook for course creators. 

It's a fillable PDF and you can

 download it here

(or click on the arrow to access it).

Be sure to download it  from the web,

save it to your own computer,

and after you fill it in, hit "print to PDF" to save your inputs.

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How are you taking care of yourself, your business, and your customers in these challenging times? 

What lessons are you learning about what works for you, and what doesn't,

as a result of facing prolonged and ongoing stress under unpredictable and volatile conditions?

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Once we take care of ourselves, we are here to take care of each other.

 The premise of business in general, and an online course business in particular, is that we are creating products, programs, and services that provide solutions to other peoples' pain.

There's a lot of pain out there in the world these days... which means there are a lot of ways we, as online course creators, can be of service.

What pain points do YOUR products and services solve?

How are those pain points being impacted by current events?

What are the implications for the courses you're creating, and the way you're offering them to the people you serve?

Here's an interesting question:

What does learning design have to do with all this?

The surprising answer is: A LOT!

Understanding the PURPOSE of your business = KNOWING YOUR WHY.

WHY are you working so hard to create online courses and learning programs that improve peoples' lives?
WHY are you here, in this online business space?
WHY do you do what you do?

How will peoples' lives be DIFFERENT AND BETTER 

as a direct result of using your products and participating in your services?

If you have read my book,

taken my Streamlined Course Creation course

or participated in the Course Design Formula® Master Course,

 you will recognize that what we are talking about is:


for your business as a whole.  

Your business' learning goal determines the overall shape or structure you create for the way you offer your products and services.

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My business, as a whole, is here to promote MINDSET CHANGE.

I want to change the way people approach creating online courses,

so that they always put GOOD LEARNING DESIGN FIRST.

How about yours?

 What's the driving purpose, mission, vision of YOUR business? 

What's your WHY for doing what you do?

What makes fulfilling that "why" even more important now than ever, in these very challenging times?

Let's talk about it!

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Course Design Formula® Community.

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Come to the 

Learn and Get Smarter community meeting

Saturdays on Zoom.

Come to the Learn and Get Smarter Community Meeting

Where we talk about how to survive and thrive

 with online courses and online business

in these challenging times

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Innovation vs. Stagnation

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A characteristic that is shared by many members of the Learn and Get Smarter community is that we are ahead-of-the-times, outside-the-box thinkers… what is referred to in the book Play Bigger as “category kings” (or what I also refer to as "category queens"). 

In other words, we are creative experts and entrepreneurs who have come up with whole new categories of products and services that are new to the market and have never been heard of before.

As an entrepreneur, this creates a marketing challenge as we need to not just encourage people to BUY what we’re selling, but to actually understand what it even IS.

The analogy is that in this way we are like Henry Ford, who famously said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said, “Faster horses”.

If you have created a never-before-heard-of product, service, or method, 

how do you educate people about it

so that they can understand what you’re offering and how it will benefit them?

One way is through digital marketing. Right now I’m reading the book Launch by Jeff Walker … himself a “category king” in the digital product launch sphere. He explains the innovative method he developed that helps people successfully launch digital products in highly effective ways.

The opposite of innovation is stagnation.

You can tell the purpose of a system (whether a biological system like the human body, or an economic system like a business organization), by what it produces. 

The purpose of any system is to produce some kind of result.

But over time,  some systems end up overly focused on a result that benefits the system itself  at the expense of the larger whole it was originally meant to serve. 

Examples abound and include everything from bloated bureaucracies to cancer cells.

Businessman is looking at the big load of office work

In organizations and any other system, indeed, in any form, the system degrades over time to become less adaptable and less adapted to current conditions, until eventually, it becomes necessary to replace that form with a new one.

 This is where innovators like us come in.

We are the creators and designers of new forms into which consciousness can move when the old ones no longer serve.

The pandemic has accelerated the process of destruction of old forms and the creation of new ones.

The pandemic is terrible for everyone in terms of basic enjoyment of life, and catastrophic for many in terms of everything from physical survival to economic well being. 

That’s why we are having weekly community  meetings: to support each other in focusing on ways to survive and thrive despite these unprecedented conditions.

 So given that we are a group of ahead-of-the-curve, category king and queen, innovators, what can we learn by applying systems thinking to the pandemic?

Adaptability to prevailing conditions is always the key to surviving and thriving,

 and one definition I use for learning is that it is

 the ability to adapt to conditions in ways that promote survival.

One question we can ask ourselves, as educators and entrepreneurs, is: what can we do now to help those we are here to serve, adapt and thrive under these new conditions?

How do the products and services we are creating help others live better lives, given the conditions we are all dealing with?

Reflecting on this question leads us to two related topics for discussion at next week's community meeting, in the Facebook group, and for self-reflection within our own minds:

1) Who are you here to serve, how is the pandemic affecting them, and how can you help them adapt, survive, and thrive?

2) Once you are clear on the answers to those questions, how can you get the word out to your community so they can benefit from what you offer?

Come talk about it at the Learn and Get Smarter community meeting on Saturday, September 5th, or  in the Facebook group!

Come to the community meeting

Saturday, September 5th, 2020

9 AM Pacific/ 12 Noon Eastern

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Make this summer count

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In this new reality we're living, with the Covid19 pandemic still very much present, more and more aspects of our lives are taking place online. This is especially true of learning and business.

What used to be called "online learning" is now, quite frankly, just "learning".

In this day and age and for the foreseeable future, i​f you need to teach something to someone, you need to teach it to them online.

That's why it's critical to make your online teaching skills the best they can be. 

Want online teaching skills that stand out from the crowd?
Enroll in the Course Design Formula® Master Course TODAY.
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The course runs for 14 weeks (with ongoing live group coaching support after that) and includes weekly live class meetings, self-paced action plans, and sharing and feedback with your instructor and peers. Click on each tab below to learn more:

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Live Class Meetings

Class meets on Tuesdays starting at 4 PM Pacific/ 7 PM Eastern time, starting June 16th, 2020, and runs for 14 weeks.

We will have an hour of lecture to present the week's material, followed by an hour of group discussion.

If you are unable to attend live you can catch up using the replay.

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Are you  ready to enroll right now?

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The Course Design Formula Master Course starts June 16th!

Make this YOUR summer to make a powerful difference for the people you're here to serve.

 If you're willing to devote 2 hours a week to class and 2 hours a week to creating your course, you'll be ready to teach online in a way that really makes a difference, by fall.

Write to Rebecca@learnandgetsmarter.com to reserve your spot!

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Class starts Tuesday, June 16th  2020

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