Color Your Gratitude for the New Year

Looking back at the past year with its world-changing events, what stands out the most is the power of community.

Having the opportunity to get to know the amazing members of the Learn and Get Smarter community has been a great source of comfort and joy for me, and I hope it has been for you as well.

Seeing community members get to know, interact with, and support each other in ways that create powerful synergy, has been truly inspiring.

spotlights shining on a stage

As the year comes to a close, I’d like to start a new occasional feature in this blog, “Community Spotlight”

This is a way to share and honor the work that the mission-driven, service-oriented course creators who make up the Learn and Get Smarter community, are doing.

 I hope that you will enjoy and be inspired by each other’s courses and create an even stronger and more resilient networked ecosystem of experts and entrepreneurs, as a result.

Today, I’m honored to shine the community spotlight on Alli Berman, interactive artist and founder of the PuzzleArt™ Therapy system.

Alli has generously offered to provide us with

 a free, fun, group end of the year holiday experience she calls

 Color Your Gratitude 

screenshot of the art materials for Alli Berman's Color Your Gratitude course

Alli created a course specifically for this activity, which you are invited to enroll in here

(it’s free, you just need to create an account login on Alli's Thinkific school in order to enroll).  

 You are welcome to invite any friends and family members that would enjoy participating, to enroll as well.  

We will meet live on Zoom 

on Wednesday, December 30th, at 5 PM Eastern/ 2 PM Pacific

for a guided coloring activity focused on gratitude.

Alli will teach us techniques to have fun together in the moment doing a creative activity with strong visual and tactile components, as we  envision the positive factors we want to put into play for the new year.

Here is the link to

register for the Zoom call

Alli is sharing this introduction to the December 30th program she'll lead us through: 

“Go with your flow – these words have resonated with me for my entire life. When I suffered a stroke at 35 years old, I promised myself that the rest of my life would be filled with gratitude – and so it has been!

Gratitude is…great attitude! Join me on a Zoom experience to Color Your Gratitude and learn my 3 secrets for keeping this important aspect of your life in focus.

Alli’s unique PuzzleArt™ Therapy system teaches occupational therapists, parents, teachers and others how to help children and adults improve their visual and perceptual functioning using her beautiful art as a therapeutic tool.

See Alli's therapeutic art here:

She is also a fine artist whose work has been featured in exhibits all over the world. 

Check out her recent exhibit here:

NY artists circle screenshot of Alli Berman's exhibit

If you’d like to see a use of flipbooks as a way to deliver an art experience online

 check out Alli’s breathtaking fine art pieces

 that she shares using 3x3” and 4x4” flipbooks here:

(click on the picture of the flipbook to see the whole book)

Detritus series flipbooks

 I could look at these all day. Aren’t they just stunning?

digital flipbook course screenshot

Many of us have been using flipbooks in our online courses.

 I’ve got a fun, free course on how to create a digital flipbook, and I have insider information about an upcoming program that will focus on the value of flipbooks in many different situations.

So stay tuned to look for more information on that program (perhaps in another community spotlight!) in a blog post in January.)

What makes this community special is the power of the mission, vision, creativity, and service that each of you bring to your work in online course design and development.

MY mission is to help you achieve YOUR mission.

I’ve created a Master Class webinar that explains how I do that, and I’d love for you to watch (it’s under an hour long, and you can watch at any time that works for you).

If you do get a chance to catch the webinar, I'd love to hear your feedback on it... please send that to me at

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Sign up to the Webinar

Secure your place in our free webinar on course design and learn to make your course stand out from the crowd!

There will be no Learn and Get Smarter Community meeting on Saturday, December 26th. 

Instead, I hope to see you at Alli's Color Your Gratitude experience on Wednesday, December 30th, on Zoom

screenshot of the art materials for Alli Berman's Color Your Gratitude course

Color Your Gratitude

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 

5 PM Eastern/ 2 PM Pacific

on Zoom

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