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Read the book

Learn the theory and research you will be applying to YOUR content during the course. You can get the book on Amazon and get a head start on understanding the big ideas behind creating a highly engaging and effective online course. Then once the course opens, you'll be ready to put those ideas into action for YOUR course design.

Course Design Formula™ book

Plan for your course

Use our free course planning journal to get a high-level view on what you want your course to achieve. The journal gives you the space to reflect on the impact and purpose you want your course to fulfill.

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Divide up your expertise

One of the hardest things for experts who want to teach a course to do, is divide up their expertise into smaller portions that their course participants can digest. Use our free mini-course to think about what part of your entire body of knowledge (your "whole cow") you want to serve up to your target audience in the course you'll create first.

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