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Train more people, 
 with better results, 
in less time, for less money

The Course Design Formula™

You have to see it, to believe it.

Vector illustration depicting interactive seminar that is transmitted over the web using video conferencing software. We can see a participants which are placed on the bottom of illustration. A silhouettes on the left are participants/audience, while silhouette on the right is a lecturer/presenter. All around illustration surface there are placed different icons/elements which are related with webinar theme (ability of giving, receiving, sharing and discussing information). Some of those elements/icons are: speech bubbles - representing communication; computer monitor with speech bubble - conferencing hardware; globe - global scope; electric bulb - new idea; share icon - sharing knowledge; wee fee icon; brain - thinking; gears and wheels and gears for working ect...

Train more people

The Course Design Formula™ makes it fast and easy for anyone to create their own online training materials. Share your expertise, train  employees, and preserve your organization's knowledge capital. 

Business concept illustration of various peoples running to big goal. Visualizations of performance steps. Business goal, businessman success run

with better results

Design in-house learning that resonates with your mission, vision, values, and culture. Build guided practice, independent performance, feedback and assessment into EVERY lesson. Design for the way your trainees learn best.  Reduce training time, improve morale, and empower your learners with engaging and effective training that delivers real transformation. 

clock showing how you can save time designing elearning

in less time

The Course Design Formula™ delivers meaningful, engaging learning journeys based on research into how people learn specific types of material, best. When trainees are motivated, engaged, and focused, they absorb new material faster, pass certifications sooner, and take less time away from their regular work. 

Financial accounting concept. Organization process, analytics, research, planning, report, market analysis. Flat style vector. Businessman holding pen, clipboard financial tables, graphs.

for less money

Instead of outsourcing your training, or investing in expensive deliverables, learn how to quickly and effectively create your own targeted training in-house.  The 

Course Design Formula™ turns everyone (from interns to experts) into an efficient, effective, learning designer. Leverage your existing people power and content to create targeted, relevant training, FAST. It's like having an instructional designer at every desk.... without having to pay for even one.

What People Are Saying:

"The Course Design Formula™ makes it simple for me to understand the different types of learning and how they apply to my business. Rebecca will be your champion. She helps you believe in yourself, and helps you identify exactly what you have to offer. "

Denise Williams

 - Professional Organizer

Denise Williams, Professional Organizer

"Rebecca has provided me with a clear path forward in presenting my course content effectively. Her enthusiasm, passionate desire to help and immense skill all played equal parts in our discussions, which were as enjoyable as they were productive."

Sheila Norris

- Management Consultant

Sheila Norris

Put the

The Course Design Formula™
to work for you!
Class starts March 5th.

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