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Course Design Formula® Master Course

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Saturday, January  7th, 2023    1PM Pacific/ 4 PM Eastern 

What Sets This Event Apart

This is a LIVE information session where we'll meet on Zoom to answer any questions you  have about the Course Design Formula® Master Course!

What you'll learn

What's in the  Master Course?

Get a behind the scenes sneak peek tour! 

What's the schedule, workload, and  expectations?

We'll go over all the details!

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Is the Master Course the right next step for you?

Watch (or re-watch) this webinar

then come to the live meeting and

ask any questions you have!

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Master Course

Alison Heller-Ono

Alison Heller-Ono

Certified Management Consultant, President and CEO

This course is fantastic. It has given me a different perspective of my course having taught it live for 25 years.

The encouragement is awesome: I feel like my whole life’s work is converging to this online magic and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Alli Berman of PuzzleArt(tm) Therapy

Alli Berman

 Interactive Artist and creator of the PuzzleArt™ Therapy System

Rebecca took something that was so hard for me, and made it easy.

 She broke the entire process down with thorough examples. She helped me see how everything fits together, demystified the technology behind the technique, and helped me realize I can do it! 

sonja mitchell

Sonja Mitchell

Retirement Transition

 and Lifestyle Educator

Everything about this course is amazing!

I have grown so much, so quickly.  I know I'm going to provide a better course, I'll be a better teacher, and I'll have a different perspective... to get the best for my students.

Join us live on Zoom

Got questions about the Master Course? Come ask them!
Want a behind the scenes course tour? Come get it!

Optional prep work:

Before the information session, it would be great if you could do these things:

  • Watch the Master Class webinar on your own, beforehand 
  • Write down your  questions to ask during the live meeting
  • Read the book (optional.. but so helpful!)

Join us for a live information session

Get a behind-the-scenes sneak peek tour of the

 Course Design Formula® Master Course

Learn more about the upcoming cohort that starts January 24th, 2023

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