Create connections that make your online teaching stand out from the crowd

Connect with your highest purpose

How can you best stay aligned with your mission and purpose for teaching online?

As a mission-driven expert and entrepreneur, you may enjoy  Mirasee FM's NEW podcast, Soul Savvy Business! I was deeply honored to be among the first interviewed by podcast host and all-around-amazing leader and teacher Dr. Katy Valentine. You can listen to the episode here, I hope you enjoy it!

A critical factor in connecting with your highest purpose,  is to get deeply in touch with your WHY for doing what you do. Inspiring coach and entrepreneur Anessa Collins and I wrote a series of articles about this on LinkedIn, which can help you reflect on YOUR why for the work you do in your online teaching practice.

Connect with colleagues and peers

We may be solopreneurs, but we don't need to work alone or in isolation.  The Venn Collaborative's new podcast, "The Collaborative Effect" focuses on how universities, organizations, and businesses in the online learning space can collaborate for mutual benefit and impact.

 I was delighted to be among the first interviewed by podcast host and collaboration expert Dr. Jim Woodell. You can listen to the episode here, I hope you enjoy it!

If you'd like to hear my interview with Jim about the mindsets that lead to successful collaboration for transformational online learning, check it out on Day 1 of the Transformational Online Learning Summit.... the recordings are available for $47 here and you can listen till August of 2023!

Connect with the people you serve

If you'd like to get your online course out of your head and into the hearts and minds of the people you're here to serve, as quickly as possible, my Streamlined Course Creation course can help you make that happen, FAST.  My interview on Mirasee's Course Lab podcast explores ways to make your course a GREAT learning experience for your target audience.

I'm here to connect with and support YOU in your online course creation journey. 

What kind of support would be most meaningful for you right now?

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