Learn and Get Smarter, Inc. is not located in the European Union, and does not directly or intentionally market products and services to EU data subjects. However, our mission is to light up the planet one mind at a time, and we don't want to leave any parts of the planet out. In addition, we believe that data protection and data privacy are important for everyone, everywhere. Below you will find a summary of our data collection processes, your data rights,and how we protect your data privacy. We apply these policies and protections to everyone across the board. We do this because we believe it is the right thing to do. Our purpose in collecting data is to provide products and services to you, the customer, at your request and with your consent. We are here to serve you by helping you design and develop online courses that deliver deep learning transformations. All of our data processing is done in service to that goal.

Why we collect data

In order to provide products and services to you, we need to collect some information  We will always ask for your permission to collect this data. You are under no obligation to provide your data to us, but we won't be able to help you design online courses that transform lives, if you don't. Our service is a custom, individualized, concierge consulting service tailored around your specific course creation goals. We tailor our guidance and recommendations to your specific desired course outcomes and target audience, based on the information you choose to share with us. 

The types of data we collect

When you sign up for our email list, you provide us with your first name, last name, and email address. We will ask for your explicit consent to process your data in accordance with our terms of service and privacy policy. We provide you with direct links to our terms of service and privacy policy, and ask you to confirm that you have read and agree to both. Our privacy policy spells out the specific types of data we collect. We won't necessarily collect ALL these types of data from every customer... but we want you to see the entire range of types of data we COULD collect (if you want us to) in order to provide you with products and services to help you design a transformative online course. You can see the types of data we collect, here:

Privacy Policy

How we collect your data

We collect your data in several ways.

You may provide it to us yourself directly, by filling out a form (such as an email list sign up form, a survey form, a quiz, or other methods as detailed in our privacy policy.)

Privacy Policy

Data may also be collected via automatic digital methods, such as cookies. You can read about our cookie policy here:  

Cookie Policy

How we protect your data

We take website security and data protection very seriously.  We engage the services of a security specialist to keep our website secure. We use 24/7 real time, security scanning and malware protection. We do not share your information with anyone, in any way, other than as described in our privacy policy. 

Your data rights

We collect your data in order to provide you with goods and services at your request. You have the right not to provide us with data to begin with. If you subscribe to our email list, you have the right to unsubscribe at any time. If you provide us with other information, such as that included within a Zoom recording as part of a coaching session, you have the right to be given access to this data (the entire reason for collecting the data is to provide you with customized information to help you with your course creation process). Should you for any reason wish us to delete the data, you have the right to submit a written data removal request.  Once we have verified that the data removal request is from you, and that you truly wish your data to be deleted and removed, we will do so as soon as possible. We hope you will find the  guidance we provide, based on the information you share with us, to be of  value in your course design process. You are in control of your data at all times. We are here to serve you in achieving your goals.