How to overcome resistance in different areas of learning

We've discovered that resistance can show up as

 one of the first signs that learning is taking place.

 Real learning involves CHANGE.

And even when we WANT to change,

it's only natural to resist it at first.

How does resistance show up 

in different types of learning?

And what can you do to support your 

course participants 

to keep going so they can get past their resistance to change

and go deeper into the learning experience?

(Read through the flipbook below to learn how!)

What common themes

 can we find

across all the

domains of learning?

Abstract multi colored striped ramp moving up
  • Present change in small, carefully calibrated steps
  • Help learners experience, process, and move beyond their resistance one step at a time
  • Provide immediate feedback and ongoing support every step of the way
A young boy dressed as a businessman wears a paper bag with a sad face on it The economy has pushed his business down. He sits at his desk with retro computer and phone.

Let's notice what DOESN'T work

to help learners overcome their resistance to change 

It doesn't work to just

  "set it and forget it".

To support learners through their resistance

and help them achieve real learning (real CHANGE)

you have to:

  • Be there for your learners every step of the way
  • Pay attention to how they are experiencing the learning process
  • Actively support them in processing and moving past each step

You can make your learners' resistance work FOR you

 to improve the quality of your online teaching practice!

 You just have to know HOW.

"Set it and forget it" is the "WHAT NOT TO DO" way.

It's the


Oops computer keyboard close up

The affordances


digital media 

make it fast and easy to

 convey information YOU already know.

But the constraints


 human learning

make it challenging and slow

for SOMEONE ELSE to take that information in.

RESISTANCE is the first sign you'll see,

that shows your learners are TRYING to take that information in,

process it, and make it their own.

So when that resistance shows up, remember to:

  • Take it as a sign that real learning is about to happen
  • Support your learners to work through their resistance and get past it
  • Be there for them every step of the way

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