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Play the

Course Design Formula® Game!

You already know the Course Design Formula®. 

And you know the game, too.

Now let’s get that juicy CDF goodness

focused on


products and services!

It's your turn  to APPLY this powerful form of "serious play" to  YOUR unique

 business goals 

--with 100 percent focus and attention from me --

 so you can get powerful results fast.

Ready to play?

Select the

 "Pre-Paid Single Session" 

option at this link:

(You will have 2 hours of my undivided support and attention, for $500).

Ginger pet cat chasing a red laser dot on a wooden floor.

Playing the game will help you gain

laser focused clarity

 on  the offer that will generate the most impact and income for your business as we head into the new year.

Glowing arrow breaking through brick wall. Closer perspective.


We will discover the things that have the most meaning and energy for you right now..

 that you are hungriest and most motivated to achieve.

We will capitalize on your greatest strengths and we will use your “unfair advantage”

to position you as an unstoppable force in the market...

no matter what is going on in the economy or society around  us.

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What to expect when you play

We will identify the highest value result you want to achieve in 2024

 and also discover the most effective and fastest way you can achieve it.

You'll get the insights you need to hone your marketing language 

to address the EXACT WORST pain points your audience is facing right now…

...the problems they urgently need and want to throw money at to make those problems go away.

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Woman sitting on office building roof throwing money into camera.
High angle of self assured wealthy African American female standing with pile of dollar bills and looking at camera
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You will be ready to offer your audience the EXACT product or service they MOST want and need --

and will be eager to pay you for

right now. 

🗣️(I can already hear them in the background yelling "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"..... can you?)👂

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What will happen during the play session?

Together we will set up your offer at lightning speed and watch everything fall into place effortlessly

 in a way that is really fun,

as you 

experience a state of creativity and flow.

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Ready to play?

Select the "Pre-Paid Single Session" 

option at this link:

(You will have 2 hours of my undivided support and attention, for $500).

Excited entrepreneur celebrating

What results can you expect?

You will know exactly which product(s)

and/or service(s) to offer FIRST

 to create a

Rollicking Revenue Rebound™ 

for the new year.

Hispanic businessman in cubicle covered in one dollar bills

 You will reap the rewards of all your hard work and skill development in using the Course Design Formula®

 by applying it to

designing the RIGHT products and services

for your business, now.

Young businesswoman saying thank-you to audience after seminar. Happy businesswoman smiling and saying thank-you to her team in office.

By the end of two hours you will have an exciting 

creative offer fully designed and ready to build.

(ARE YOU ready to yell


 at ME?

Let's DO this!

Select the "Pre-Paid Single Session" Option at this link:

(You will have 2 hours of my undivided support and attention, for $500).