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Create an online course that delivers real results for your business...FAST.

The  Course Design Formula™  helps you

 outline your course, lay out your lessons, and design your first lesson...


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What people are saying:


The Course Design Formula™ makes it simple for me to understand the different types of learning and how they apply to my business. Rebecca will be your champion. She helps you believe in yourself, and helps you identify exactly what you have to offer. 

Denise Williams, Professional Organizer

Denise Williams

Professional Organizer


Rebecca took something that was so hard for me, and made it easy. I would recommend Rebecca's service to anybody who wants to create any type of online course. She’s a positive force in my life who is there to help me. She is there for the journey.

Alli Berman of PuzzleArt(tm) Therapy

Alli Berman

Creator of  PuzzleArt™ Therapy 


Rebecca has provided me with a clear path forward in presenting my course content effectively. Her enthusiasm, passionate desire to help and immense skill all played equal parts in our discussions, which were as enjoyable as they were productive.

Sheila Norris

Sheila Norris

Management Consultant

How can the 
Course Design Formula™
help your business?

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Deliver real results

  • Market, sell, and deliver the exact transformation your audience wants 
  • Create a product that sells itself 
  • Attract a steady stream of ideal customers
    • who turn into raving fans and repeat customers
    • and tell others about the great experience your course provides
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Stand out from the crowd

  • Use  research-based course building methods that NO ONE ELSE has
  • Deliver light bulb moments straight to  your learners’ minds
  • Make your course so irresistible that people keep coming back for MORE
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Create powerful learning--FAST

  • Structure your course based on how people actually learn 
  • Set up your entire course in lightning time 
  • Make it easy for buyers to see what they'll gain from your course
  • Keep your learners  engaged and on track all the way to the end
  • Get higher course completion rates, more repeat customers,  and great reviews

What  Course Creators Are Saying:

My biggest challenge in creating an online course has been technology and getting it to work as I need it to. Rebecca’s help as I’ve struggled to get going in my course creation process has been above and beyond. She helped me focus on what needs to be done and how to do it efficiently. I would absolutely recommend her services because the process used is important for learning how to structure courses.

Ruthanne Koyama

- Supply Management Consultant

Ruthanne Koyama, Supply Management Consultant

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My background and credentials

I earned my BA with honors from Harvard University and hold two Master's degrees in Education.
My first Master's degree is in curriculum design and the second is in instructional technology
My professional and academic experience includes designing instruction for people of all ages, in contexts ranging from classrooms to workshops to field trips and tours. 
For 15 years I served as the education coordinator for public agencies in Southern California, where I designed, developed and delivered education programs to thousands of students in 12 school districts. 
The education programs I developed won national awards.
I’ve spent the past ten years exploring the complex issue of how to take learning experiences that work well face to face, and translate them for online learning.
My focus and expertise are in helping you make your subject matter engaging and easy for your learners to understand.
It will be an honor to help you ensure that your online course achieves the hopes and dreams you have for it!

Stop going around in circles.
Get your course BUILT.

Online learning doesn’t happen by itself. It has to be designed into every lesson. 

But how can you do that if you’re not an instructional designer?

And how can you afford to hire one (they earn $75,000 a year!)


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The Course Design Formula™ does the designing for you.

Just plug your course content into our interactive template​

and a beautifully designed course comes out the other record time.

Great learning design is built into the template, based on:
  • 40 years of teaching and instructional design experience 
  • two Masters degrees in Education
  • a research-based interactive formula

Let the Course Design Formula™ do the heavy lifting for you. Get your course finished FAST, 

so you can start making money and start making a difference for your target audience.

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