Streamline your course to make the learning POP!

Simplifying the navigation in an online course is one of the most important things you can do to help your course participants get the most out of it.

But that's easier said than done.

I'm the featured guest on Danny Iny (Founder and CEO of Mirasee) and Abe Crystal (Founder and CEO of Ruzuku)'s outstanding new podcast, CourseLab from Mirasee FM radio.

Check out my podcast episode, where I talk about these issues in depth.

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The online learning interface automatically adds complexity to learning, because you have to help your learners figure out how to get around and where to find everything in your course.

A solution that  works very well is to use digital flipbooks, which combine the simplicity of turning the pages of a book with the interactivity afforded by online learning... so it's win/win!

Learning to create a digital flipbook is fast FREE mini course will teach you how in less than an hour:

digital flipbook course screenshot

I use digital flipbooks extensively in my online courses, and will be updating some current mini courses that are included within larger course bundles, to be all-inclusive flipbooks that fit inside one lesson of one course.

You can avoid a lot of unnecessary stress (extraneous cognitive load)  if the learner can stand in one place and make the learning come to THEM by simply flipping a digital page.

Once you've learned how to create a digital flipbook to hold your lesson content,

how do you learn how to set up your course and create the lessons themselves?  

How can you get your course created and online as fast as possible? 

The whole process of creating an online course can feel completely overwhelming! 

Puzzles with business woman

(Talk about cognitive overload!) 

That's why I use digital flipbooks, simplified navigation, and minimal downloads in the course I'm talking about in the podcast interview, Streamlined Course Creation... which is designed to help you set up YOUR course in three focused work sessions of about 2 hours each. 

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