🤔Is it possible to fulfill your life’s mission by creating an online course, academy, book, or other learning program -- in ways that do justice to the vision you have for it?


How can I be so sure?
I am sure you can do it because:

💪The Course Design Formula® is a research-based process that WORKS EVERY TIME--

to turn any mass of jumbled up, overwhelming ideas into a

gorgeous, elegant, organized online learning program

that does what you want it to do.

➡️On any topic. For any audience. In an hour.⬅️

Want to see how it works, AS a process?

Come play a fun game that lets you experience the entire design PROCESS FAST,

from beginning to end, using playful placeholder content.

Join me on Saturday, November 11th at 1 PM Pacific/ 4 PM Eastern for the

Course Design Formula® GAME.

We are going to crowd-source a (random, made up, and yet totally delightful) course

 together out of thin air … so you can see how the process works, 

before deciding if you want it to work for YOU with YOUR own actual real content.

This is just a game!

🪄And it is going to be magical… especially if YOU are there!

I provide the formula. You bring the magic.

🥳You’ll see! Come play!🎉

👏👏👏The meeting is short, fun, and FREE.👏👏👏

🥿Wear your favorite fuzzy slippers.

🍵Bring snacks.

Play the Course Design Formula® Game

Saturday, November 11th, 2023

1 PM Pacific/ 4 PM Eastern

The Course Design Formula® Game

Get Help Creating Your Course