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Soon, you will discover how to:


focus your course topic

Narrow your course topic and adjust it to fit the EXACT course participants who most want and need to learn from you! Soon, you'll stop going around in circles not knowing where to begin. You'll have a clear starting point for your course, mapped to exactly where your course participants are starting from in their learning journey with you.


Structure YOUR course 

You're about to say goodbye to guessing what to put into your course, and in which order. The Course Design Formula® will guide you in setting up your course to deliver powerful learning, BEFORE you've even created your first lesson. Make your course stand out from the crowd using research-based best practices to optimize learning. Soon you'll know how!


create powerful lessons

The techniques you're about to learn in this course will make planning and building the lessons in YOUR course, a breeze! Say goodbye to guesswork about what to put into a lesson and how to teach it. You'll be clear on the exact content that needs to go into each lesson, and the ideal media to use to make learning from each part of your course a graceful, enjoyable experience for your course participants.


Make it engaging and fun

You're about to delve into the techniques that help you turn your learners into raving fans and repeat customers. Using research into what motivates people to learn (in general) and applying that to what motivates  YOUR course participants (in particular), you'll learn how to build motivation and engagement into every aspect of your course design. You're about to learn how to make your course amazing!

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