Resistance is…a sign that people are learning!

We've explored the three roadblocks to learning,

and the products and services you can build into your online teaching

 practice to help your learners get past them.

  • Good LEARNING DESIGN gets past roadblocks to understanding
  • GUIDED PRACTICE and  INDEPENDENT PERFORMANCE get past roadblocks to performance
  • ONGOING SUPPORT gets past roadblocks to making the new learning a habit

Once people get past those roadblocks and are actually starting to learn

(whether those learners are your students, or you yourself), 

the first thing you'll notice is:


Wait... WHAT? I thought people were eager to learn and want transformation, .... right?


adorable kitten gazing at you with a plaintive expression

We all want to achieve transformation. 

We just don't want to have to actually change. 

What IS resistance, anyway?

And how does it show up?

Resistance is an inherent quality of anything that is... it's the inherent tendency of anything that is, to preserve its existing structure and fight change.

 If it weren't for resistance the entire universe would be a mushy blob of goo with no structure, stability, or support. 

Thumbs Down | Spray Paint

So resistance is actually good.

We need it.

As teachers and learners, we just need to learn how to work with it.

You can make your learners' resistance work FOR you

 to improve the quality of your online teaching practice!

 You just have to know HOW.

We'll get into the "HOW" in next week's blog post.

 For now, just realize that when resistance shows up,

it means your learning is having an impact! 

And that's GREAT!

A waterdrop falling down into the rippled colored water.

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